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I am a dog mum (some think a little crazy) and lover of (nearly) all critters. But today I am all about your pets!

I am a studio pet photographer who only works with the cutest, funniest, sweetest, and goofiest pets of Canberra region. And I think it's a pretty safe bet that I have described your pooch. Right?

'Cos we all think our pets are the best in the world. No other pet is as cute or (insert appropriate adjective here) as your's. 

Photographing pets and animals is what makes me feel good. My super-power is capturing their true character: I love connecting with them, even if only just for long enough to capture that sweet, cute or goofy expression that encapsulates everything about your pet.

And I am constantly studying and learning about dog behaviour throughout my own personal dog training endeavours which means I have a good understanding and reading of your dog. This means I always place the needs of your pet first.


It also means I am more likely to capture a lovely photo of your pooch how you want to remember them, and not of a dog showing signs of stress.


Unfortunately many photographers don't study dog behaviour so when you are looking for a dog photographer, this is an important consideration.


Why is that important?

Because I genuinely believe it is important to photograph them while you can and while they still have a wag in the tail.


As much as we would love our pets to live forever, sadly they don't. So we want to keep them close to our hearts, to cherish them in our memories.


And what better way than with a gorgeous portrait of your fluffy-faced family member.


And I know this because I have lost a cherished pet who was a rescue boy named Zac.


He was my heart dog.


Zac was the goofiest, dumbest, gentlest soul you could meet. I got him from the pound as a 2yo and he died about age 15. He was with me during some of the toughest times of my life.


I held his head in my lap when he was put to sleep and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But there was no way I would ever let him take that final journey on his own.

20 years later I still tear up when I think of him and I still have his orange ball and his collar with his ashes.

And more importantly, I have lots of photos to remember him including a huge framed print hanging on my study wall that I had another taken by a professional photographer.

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Where did my photographic journey start?

Before I was a photographer I was in the Australian Army working as a military photographer and videographer. I had been practicing photography for many many years before that but it wasn't until I did it for the Army was I really honing my technique.

I travelled the world photographing people on deployment: Afghanistan, Iraq, Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, throughout Europe, and all over Australia.

I have flown in multiple fixed and rotary wing military aircrafts, I have sailed on Navy ships, I have slept in a hammock in the jungles of Malaysia. And I had a blast doing it all.

But then I decided to leave the Army. I wanted to travel less and felt a need to spend more time at home with my husband, Neil. 


Plus I wanted to start my own photographic business.

And I wanted another dog. Because after Zac died, for a long time I could not bring myself to have another dog. Then I began travelling so much while in the Army that it was impossible to have one. 

Janine Fabre Military Kandahar

For a while Neil and I searched for a rescue dog but because we ran a home-studio, we decided a rescue would not be the right fit for us.


Eventually, after a long time of trying to find the right dog, we got Kobe, a bordoodle which is a border collie cross poodle (a.k.a. overpriced mongrel!)

Neil and I absolutely adore Kobe, our life is planned around him. I'm sure you can relate! 

More about me!


  • If I don’t have a coffee first thing in the morning I am really cranky but when I am over-tired I giggle so much I piddle my pants.

  • I have travelled lots. As in, I have been to every continent. I have laid in the snow with penguins in Antarctica, sat with mountain gorillas in Uganda, trekked Patagonia and drunk champagne while skydiving in South America.

  • I am a 30 year Army veteran. Before I was an Army photographer, I was a military musician and played baritone saxophone and clarinet.

  • I am terrified of spiders.

Neil Basketball social.jpg


Neil is my better half and is the best thing to happen to me. 

Passionate for all things basketball, Neil plays masters basketball and represented Australia in Helsinki in 2019 and Argentina in 2023.

Neil also loves motorbikes, and anything else that is fast.

And the Raiders. Just don't talk when the game is on!



Kobe, the border collie cross poodle, is full of cheek and personality.

Used frequently to "test the lights and treats" on shoot days, he loves getting to meet some of the friendlier doggos we have visit our studio.

He also makes sure I get regular rest breaks from editing days at the computer by asking for play time all. the. time.

Follow Kobe's adventures here: 

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