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Better Homes & Gardens with Dr Harry Cooper (Episode 12, aired 24 April 2021)


WC Fields said never work with animals or children, well one out of two ain’t bad for army veteran turned dog photographer, Janine Fabre. She shares the secrets of her success to capturing these furry models.

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From war zone to walkies: how Canberra photographer Janine Fabre learned to snap dogs.

Never work with children or animals, that's what they say in showbiz. No such mantra for Janine Fabre.

Janine is a photographer and Australian Army veteran who has looked down her lens at places and people all over the world.

After 30 years of service with camera in hand, she switched to running a business snapping people in Canberra.

But in 2020, there was a marked shift; Janine switched from people, to dogs.

ABC Radio Interview
Her Canberra article
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