Please contact us if you'd like to be placed on a waitlist for an earlier date. 

It is a condition that you complete our booking documents to confirm your session so please keep an eye on your spam folder in case they land there. Thanks!

Note our new T&Cs: Complimentary photoshoots (gift vouchers, prizes, repeat clients) all incur $80 booking fee but you get it refunded after your purchase appointment or added to your print credit if you prefer.

This booking fee is forfeited in event of no-shows or late cancellations.

If you have missed booking before voucher expired, please email us with your voucher code to check what options we might have for you.  

With studio pet sessions, there are additional time slots sooner which are available for emergency appointments (the very young, sick or very old pets) for additional $55. Please contact me straight away if this is you.

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