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  1. Images are copyright to Janine Fabre. Screenshots of images are not to be taken. Any images posted on our social pages may be shared by you on your own social media (in fact we encourage it!) but images are not to be screenshot, printed or the logo removed, and must be credited to Janine Fabre Photography in all instances.

  2. Only the owner of the pet that is photographed is to be the person with whom all communications are with and contracts and booking documents are completed by; therefore only those over the age of 18 years are eligible to enter our giveaways, competitions, prizes and model callouts.

    We require the contact details of all pet owners so we can ensure they are equally informed of the photoshoot process and associated costs with additional prints, products and digital files.

  3. Session fee does not include digital files or print products unless otherwise stated. Digital files and print products are purchased at additional cost. Contact us for current pricelist.

  4. If the photoshoot is cancelled within 3 days of the booking being made, then there is a 100% refund (whether a booking fee or a full session fee has been paid).  After 3 days, any refund is less $80 admin' costs deducted from whatever you paid.

    Any late cancellations (less than 48 hrs) or no shows for photoshoots, there is no refund and a $180 fee to be paid for any reschedules. Any late cancellations (less than 24 hrs) or no shows for purchase appointments will be charged an $80 fee for an additional appointment.

  5. All complimentary sessions incur a booking fee which is then fully refunded at purchase appointment (or put towards print credit). These complimentary sessions may include, but not limited to, sessions won as prize, vouchers gifted by 3rd party business or organisation, referral vouchers, repeat clients. If client is late or no show at any appointment, then the booking fee is forfeited.

  6. Booking documents are required to be completed by the owner of the pet in order to confirm your photo session. 

  7. Gift vouchers:
    *Gift vouchers are not refundable.
    *Any offers or specials cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher.
    *Gift vouchers cannot be used for our limited edition or special mini session or Christmas photoshoots.
    *Gift vouchers and wall-art credit are not transferable or redeemable for cash. 
    *Gift prints offered as part of vouchers cannot be "upgraded".  

    *Sessions only include what is on the gift voucher and prints and digitals files are additional cost (price list is provided from first contact).
    *All gift voucher bookings incur a booking fee which is then refunded at the purchase appointment. This booking fee is forfeited in event of no-shows or late cancellations.
    *Please note Gift Voucher expiry dates are now less than 12 months from purchase and there is no guarantee of extension of voucher beyond the expiry due to our plans to reduce our availability over the coming year.
    (More information in this link -  all our GVs are sold below market value.)


  8. Any special offers or prizes must be redeemed during the initial purchase appointment or they will be voided. If the client opts to only take the prize on offer and does not wish to purchase any additional photos, then the prize photo will be selected immediately after the photoshoot and no purchase appointment will be made.

  9. Unless otherwise stated, any prizes or sessions won as part of a giveaway or competition (whether our's or a third party), must be claimed and booked within 6 weeks of notice of receiving prize. 

  10. Competitions, giveaways and model callouts - you must be available by phone for a chat prior to confirming your photoshoot and you must be contactable in order to claim your prize or voucher. If messages or calls are not replied to within 24 hours, any prize offered will be forfeited and offered to another.

  11. If offered or won, clients and their pets are limited to one complimentary photoshoot per household in a twelve month period (exception to this are those clients on a repeat client policy voucher or puppy package and similar).

    Those who have been previously offered complimentary photoshoots are ineligible to enter our giveaways, competitions, prizes and model callouts in the same 12 month period. This also applies to our gift vouchers won in competitions, raffles, etc, from other sources (eg other businesses or charities). Complimentary sessions may not be combined with any other session.

    In other words, a household is unable to receive more than one complimentary photoshoot from us in a 12 month period, regardless of where it the voucher is sourced from.

  12. Should your pet/s come into season, have a litter, suffer from any illness or infectious disease, please advise ASAP and we will need to reschedule your session. 

  13. If your pet is dangerous or destructive to photographer, studio or others, then the photographer reserves the right to cease the photoshoot immediately.

  14. If your pet is uncooperative or has little or minimal training, you may be limited in your choice of photos. The owner and the main handler of the pet must attend the photoshoot. We are not obliged to refund any session fees paid if we are unable to photograph any uncooperative pets.

    Model callouts
    - If you have misrepresented your dog's level of training and they are uncooperative during their model callout photoshoot, the photoshoot will be completed to the best of our ability however you will forfeit any additional incentives that were offered so we may offer to another more suitable 'model'.

  15. Only bring the pets booked, if you wish to add additional animals after booking, please check we have availability for this prior to your appointment. If time or circumstances do not permit extra pets, and sufficient notice given, a new session time and date will be offered. Extra pet fees apply.

  16. Please contact us first if you wish to bring any children or additional people to the studio. We do however encourage you to bring additional handlers for multi-pet households. Please, no young children due to health and safety requirements of our working environment. 

  17. Any digital files purchased are licensed for personal use only and not to be on-sold or used for commercial purposes (this applies to any high or low resolution files supplied).

  18. Any and all commercial enquiries for access to the digital files are to be referred to Janine Fabre Photography. Images may not be used by clients for competitions, commercial marketing purposes, or as reference material for artworks. Commercial interests may include, but are not limited to, breeders, groomers, pet merchandise retailers, boarding kennels, trainers. They may contact us to purchase their own copies from us. They are not, however, to be given access to client copies of files that they can subsequently use in their own marketing.

  19. Digital files that are supplied low-resolution for social media purposes have been resized suitable for social media and therefore are not to be printed or the watermark removed. The smaller 'social' files can however be shared with family or friends and on your social media pages.

  20.  High-resolution files (where applicable) are supplied in high quality JPG only. They may be printed - please be aware colour profiles vary between print labs and no guarantee of colour reproduction or quality of print is guaranteed. RAW files are not supplied to the client.

  21. There is one purchase appointment allocated within 3 weeks of your photoshoot and all orders must be finalised during this appointment. Any delays in booking purchase appointments and placing orders during that appointment will incur administrative and archiving fees.

  22. Images will be archived after your purchase appointment and a fee of $150 will be required to retrieve them after this time. Unordered images are not retained after 12 months. 

  23. Order cancellations need to be made in writing within 3 days of order (prior to manufacture/printing) however editing fees of $25 per image are applied. Outside of 3 days, all payments will be forfeited.

  24. Late payments will incur a late payment fee and/or cancellation of any complimentary offers such as referral gift vouchers, print credit or complimentary digital files.

  25. Any problems with the products (whether digital or print) must be brought to our attention within 3 days of receipt of product.

  26. Editing - The photos will be edited in the photographer's style as seen in the online folio, website and on socials. Images are only full-edited after the purchase appointment on those photos that are selected for purchase.

    Hair fall and dirt on backdrops will be removed, bits of dirt or treat crumbs removed. Tear stains around eyes and beards are not removed, they may be lightened marginally but are not removed entirely. Elements that are permanent, such as birth marks, lumps, remain unless specifically requested by the client to be removed. This must be requested at the time of the purchase appointment.

    If a dog has had recent surgery and therefore has shaved patches, please contact us first if we may need to reschedule.

    Dogs where possible will be photographed without collar and lead but if they are not staying still, we may need to pop a lead on to keep them still. Collars and leads can be edited out but harnesses and large collars (such as martingales) will not be edited out without additional fee charged.

    Poor grooming and excessive dirt will not be edited o
    r "Photoshopped" out. Occasional stray hairs etc will be tidied during editing stage but clients are requested to ensure their pet is nicely groomed or bathed and brushed prior to your photoshoot.

    Editing requests may be charged at an hourly rate.

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