So you have decided to book a family photographer but what next? What do you need to do to ensure your outdoor family photoshoot is a success so your photographer can take gorgeous photos you will cherish forever?


• Schedule your session for when the light is nicest. Earlier or later in the day is a “warmer” light and nicer for portraits.

• If small children are involved, plan your session time to better suit sleeping patterns, etc.


• Bring the child’s favourite toy to keep them entertained. Bring drinks and non-messy snacks for them.

• It’s important to not pressure your children into performing for the photoshoot. Tell them how much fun it will be, don’t warn them against bad behaviour otherwise they will be reluctant and uncomfortable, much like going to the dentist!

Sibling love

Clothing and makeup

• Clothing ideas is always a tricky one. Make sure you are comfortable for the shoot you are involved in, eg if you are in a park sitting on the ground, will you be comfortable in a mini skirt? Do your new clothes or shoes fit properly? Check in the mirror how you look wearing them while sitting.

• If it is a full session (not a “mini-session”) then bring a change of clothes or layers like cardigans, jackets. Scarves are a good accessory to change your look quickly and easily between shots.

• Avoid strong patterns like narrow stripes or herringbone patterns as they can cause odd optical effects at certain print sizes.

• Make sure clothes are neatly pressed. No, we can’t just photoshop out the creases!

Jumping for joy

• Natural makeup is best. Avoid heavy makeup, especially if you don’t normally wear it heavy. Don’t panic if you have a pimple appear on the day of the photoshoot, small blemishes can be easily removed in photoshop.

• Bring makeup, hairbrush, pins and hairspray to your shoot to touchup as we go.

• Finally, enjoy and have fun!

Fun family photoshoot

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