Are you in the pet industry and looking for professional photos for your website and marketing materials? We can help you!



We have worked with pet food companies, pet merchandise, dog groomers and more, providing quality imagery for their brand.

We can arrange a customised photoshoot to meet your specific requirements. We can also source animals on your behalf and arrange to photograph your products with them.


Alternatively you can choose from our existing imagery. We have an extensive photo collection to choose from, featuring a variety of pets of various breeds, sizes, colours and ages.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Our gallery has extensive range but please let us know what you are seeking and we will search our archives to find you the PAW-fect photos to fit your brief.


Your image use license will allow usage for all digital, web, social or print marketing requirements of your business. Only thing you cannot do is onsell the images.

Please contact us for more information!


We're all ears!